Yesterday we reported on a quirky extra use for the PlayStation VR, something that early adopters may be tempted to try out. The headset supports a 'Cinematic Mode', which displays PS4 games that don't support VR in a neat way, recreating a large cinema screen effect within the headset. As it turns out this also works with other HDMI devices, such as the Wii U.

Though issues with resolution and blurriness (which are part of the trade-off with the mode) are factors, it's a cool idea that you can play Wii U games through PSVR. Now Digital Foundry has put together a brief video explaining how it works, while also going through the practicalities or playing Xbox One and Wii U games with the headset.

As we said in our original article, it's not necessarily a game changer or PSVR-seller. It's a fun idea, though, and worth a try if you have one of the systems.