Image: Esurance

The most recent Pokémon GO update introduced catch bonuses and better gym training opportunities, but it appears to have introduced a less welcome alteration - the app is effectively useless when used in a moving vehicle.

Forbes has reported that when the app detects you're moving at driving speed all sightings and monster spawns stop, so you can't capture any 'mon or see what beasts are lurking nearby. We've verified this ourselves and can attest that the claims are indeed true - Pokémon GO is practically pointless in this state.

With reports of people causing accidents while playing the game at the wheel, this move - if it is indeed intentional - could be seen as a justified one. Playing the game whilst in control of a car travelling at high speed is the very height of stupidity, but previously the game allowed you to get around the speed warning by stating you were a passenger - so people riding on buses or sitting in the passenger seat could still play.

Seeing as Niantic didn't mention this change in the notes for the recent update, it could be that this is simply a bug which will be ironed out in the next update. We certainly hope so, because this change also impacts the Pokémon GO Plus - a safe way of playing the game when driving.

Have you noticed this change? Do you think it's intentional, or could it simply be a bug which has slipped through the net? Sound off in the comments section below.

[source forbes.com]