Way back in March 2015 we told you about an intriguing 'IP Open' project being run by Bandai Namco in Japan. A number of iconic franchises were included, and the initiative enabled developers of various types to submit games using those IPs, with an approval and selection process in place.

As you may be able to figure out from the official website, this project has been welcoming to schools and individuals in addition to established developers (again, only in Japan), providing packs of assets and resources. Now, Bandai Namco has released a trailer showcasing some of the smart device games that have come out of the initiative; some look rather good, though a couple admittedly look like they were lucky to make the cut.

It's an intriguing concept, albeit limited to mobile and the Japanese market. It's yet another indication of how managing IPs can mean opening them up to new audiences, though we doubt Nintendo would be quite so generous with its assets through an equivalent promotion. Super Mario Maker isn't the same thing, for anyone that decides to make that point! That said, Nintendo does do its part helping young developers in Japan, occasionally running mentorship and funding programs for university students.

What do you think of this idea of opening up IPs, resources and assets that allow developers to pitch games to established publishers? Let us know in the comments.