Catching even more of them

The Pokémon GO Plus is released today, and is sure to be a must-have item for seasoned fans of the app. When it was first announced, information regarding its functionality seemed to indicate that it would be an optional accessory rather than something that is instrumental to the core experience. It was stated that Pokémon GO wouldn't track your distance when the Pokémon GO Plus was in use, and that new Pokémon could not be snared with the unit - only ones which you'd already recorded in your Pokédex.

We debunked the distance report the other day, and we've now discovered that you can capture new Pokémon with the device. The process is as normal, but the LED flashes yellow to denote that you've encountered a new monster. A Reddit user has also reported this, and we've verified it with another Pokémon GO Plus owner as well.

Given that the instruction manual which comes with the Pokémon GO Plus is devoid of any information on its features and functions - and the fact that Nintendo's PR even went as far as to categorically state that distance isn't recorded when using the unit - we'd imagine that the Pokémon GO Plus has undergone quite a bit of development over the past month or so, with more features being added but not reported on until release.

Did your unit arrive today? Have you noticed anything else unusual about the Pokémon GO Plus? Let us know with a comment.

Thanks to Nathan "Fact Checker" Clark for the tip!