There are some news one never expects to write and this is one such case. A new Super Nintendo and SNES Playstation CD video game has been released! Super Boss Gaiden is the product of German duo Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer. If you like 16-bit retro platformers with tight controls, humorous dialogue and challenging gameplay, this might just be your surprise homebrew hit of Summer 2016.

The game's plot follows the rampage from the top floor of Sony's fictional President office across the whole of Sony Headquarters once his executives deliver the news that the last remaining SNES CD prototype has fallen into the hands of the general public and has been emulated. Being a very hands-on executive, instead of calmly discussing the situation and planning out the proper legal counter action, the titular Boss takes on employees and resources with both fists and feet.

We certainly enjoy the very familiar sprite work of the protagonists. The team as even managed to sneak a few unlockable secrets into the game, but we are not going to give them away.

Download the game from right here - there's a regular SFC ROM file that runs on a standard SNES using a flashcard, but there's also an image file which, if burned to a CD, will run on the recently-unearthed SNES CD prototype - the team behind the game hope to demonstrate this in the future.

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