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As you've no doubt seen around the web and on your travels, savvy small businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops that are near Pokéstops have been buying lures to, well, lure in players who then happen to buy something while they're catching pocket monsters. Of course, this is a tactic that big businesses can look to use in slightly more sophisticated ways.

GameStop has over 400 locations in the US that are designated Pokéstops or gyms, and it's led to tangible boosts in sales performance. GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines has told CNBC that key locations have seen sales increase by around 100%, with Pokémon merchandise naturally being a notable strongpoint.

Despite that good news it's actually a tough video interview for the GameStop boss, with the interviewer at one point demanding to know why GameStop wasn't proactive in getting itself 'into' the game. With GO being such a success the pressure is on big gaming businesses in particular to try and make the free-to-play app work for them.

One area where this will happen is in sponsored locations, which are planned for the future. Quite how these will work will be interesting to see, but for as long as GO is engaging and exciting millions of players there'll be commercial opportunities explored at all levels.

GameStop, for its part, has already enjoyed some benefits from Niantic's app.

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