Back when Kid Icarus: Uprising was building some serious hype Nintendo teamed up with Production I.G., Shaft and Studio 4°C on some short anime shows to showcase the cast and style the game was following. As fans of the 3DS game know it's driven by the story and narrative, which are rather humorous and quirky.

At the time the anime shorts were posted on the Nintendo Video app (remember that?) as limited-time viewing options. They were rather good, but when they were gone that was the end of the adventure, unless you want to watch them in fuzzy-vision on YouTube.

Pleasingly, we may get the change to 'own' them. My Nintendo in Japan is offering them as rewards, which will allow users to download them onto a 3DS to view at any time. They're rather inexpensive, too.

My Nintendo Kid Icarus.jpg
  • Medusa's Revenge (Studio 4°C) - 80 Platinum Points
  • Palutena's Revolting Dinner Part 1 & 2 (SHAFT) - 80 Platinum Points
  • Thanatos Rising Part 1, 2 & 3 (Production I.G) - 80 Platinum Points

We'd hope that these will also come to Europe and North America, as the episodes were localised and previously released in the territories.

Fingers crossed...

Thanks to all that sent this in.