SteamWorld Heist.png

Image & Form has established itself as a Nindie to be reckoned with thanks to the eShop releases of SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist, both arriving on the 3DS and Wii U. It seems that those titles will be getting combined into one steamy bundle, too.

A USK (German) rating from May has been spotted and generated a bit of online chatter - hat-tip to GoNintendo - for 'SteamWorld Bundle' on Wii U. Listings aren't always 100% confirmation, but Image & Form has pretty much confirmed it's a reality to us - it gave us the following detailed explanation (and emoticon) for the listing.


So there you have it! What's unclear is whether this will be an eShop bundle (rather like Gunman Clive HD Collection), or whether this represents a jump into the budget retail market (the combined price of the two could point to that). SteamWorld Heist, of course, is still awaiting its solo release date on Wii U.

No doubt we'll find out soon enough. Would you be interested in this bundle?