E3 or bust?

E3 takes place in the next few weeks, and the eyes of the gaming world will be focused on the event. Sony and Microsoft are both expected to lift the lid on new consoles - albeit revisions of their current systems - while Nintendo has disappointed some fans by stating that its new NX console won't be on show. In fact, the Japanese veteran is only showing off a single game - The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U (and eventually NX).

Not that you'd know this from the amount of floor space the company has booked for the event. According to the floor plan, Nintendo has booked more space than Microsoft and only has a little less space than Sony.

It's easy to allow your imagination to run riot here. Does Nintendo have some secrets up its sleeve? Perhaps, but a more likely explanation is that the company will be devoting a large part of its stand to the Treehouse stage, and will have plenty of Wii U demo pods set up so attendees don't have to wait too long to get a go on the latest Zelda adventure.

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