Plantet Robobot.jpg

We're big fans of Kirby: Planet Robobot, the 3DS sequel that ups the ante on its original and introduces clever ideas to a classic formula. Since its launch it appears to have had a reasonable sales start in the UK, too, securing chart placings similar to its predecessor - Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

It its first week Planet Robobot has secured 15th in the all-format UK chart, 14th in the single-format list - Triple Deluxe did similarly in 2014, grabbing 9th in the single format chart but 16th in the all-format results. It's clear that Kirby isn't the most notable Nintendo franchise in the UK market, but we'll see whether it can hold a top 40 spot for a decent number of weeks.

One title hanging tough is Yo-kai Watch, which is the only other Nintendo system exclusive in the UK top 40; it climbed three places up to 36th in the all-format charts.

Aside from that the UK charts still make grim reading for Nintendo, with a minimal presence in the top 40.