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Details of the next instalment in the Pokémon franchise should start to come out very soon, and we're interested in what you would like to see from the newest addition to the Pokémon family, or just the future of the series in general.

To get you thinking, I've thought of some areas that could evolve the series in interesting ways when Pokémon Sun and Moon come around - check them out below.

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More character customisation?

Although Pokémon X & Y included a little customisation for the playable character, there's nothing to stop it going a little further in terms of physical and personality options. There were only four hairstyle options to choose from in X/Y and three skin tones, so going more in depth with these would allow for players to personalise their look even more. To match the Pokémon personalities, there could also be character personalities so if you are, say, a relaxed character you will suit a laid back Pokémon type. Hot headed character? Fighting types could suit you and you can be angry together. This could add a new level of depth to training and connecting with your team.

New Rivals?

For some reason the rivals in the games have got less and less menacing and more friendly in recent times. The first rival Blue really made you want to beat him, and who could forget Silver pushing you away? Some more of this kind of fighting spirit would not go amiss in the new games, as in X/Y we had four friends and the whole experience became rather diluted. It would be nice to once again have a rival whose team builds alongside yours, someone to try and beat to the Pokémon League and also to hear the menacing 'rival' music again!

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Limit the amount of new Pokémon?

A bit of a weird one, since this is effectively the game's purpose. There are currently 721 Pokémon, and although some of the designs are fantastic we must admit that some are terrible, or just plain forgettable. Adding a limit of new Pokémon would mean that more time can be spent on expanding the map, adding an expansive world to cover and filling the need for new content with just more to explore instead. While we are at it, maybe the whole fire-water-grass starter aesthetic could do with an update too? With new types of Pokémon, this could mean a whole different approach to the start of your journey.

Change the story?

Ok, ok. Pokémon is pretty much always going to be based around a young, charismatic character on an adventure. However, after many, many years of the same story it might be interesting to change some aspects of it. For example, Team Rocket and other assorted villains. Team Rocket are absolutely imperative to the anime, but the evil plans of the bad guys in the game have become a little stale and more of an annoyance than anything else. Being on a mission to be a PokéMaster is enough of a tale in itself without them, or perhaps your involvement with them could be an optional side quest?

Take more elements from the Anime?

Mid-battle evolutions would be a nice unexpected way to get the thrill back of your Pokémon evolving. Although we are always proud to see them grow, it would be rewarding to know that your Pokémon just HAD to evolve right then and there as you were doing such a great job. It would also be great to see Pokémon following you around again like in Yellow and Silver/Gold. Although Pokémon Amie offered you the chance to be super close to your Pokémon, a nice touch would be to see the first in your team walking behind you to improve happiness. It would also look great with the new updated graphics, but can be optional for those who don't want to be followed all day.

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Make it more difficult?

Although Pokémon has always been aimed at all age levels, it seemed X/Y was a little too easy. The EXP share and Mega Evolutions meant the Elite 4 were no longer much of a challenge, and one hit kills were a little too common. A slightly harder challenge would mean more strategy is needed to complete a battle, which means more thought goes into your team and more pride is felt when you beat a particularly hard gym leader. It also means the game lasts longer, which is a good thing.

Remove HMs?

HMs (Hidden Machine) mean HM slaves, and they just don't seem to make much sense. Using valuable space in your team, or one of your Pokémon's four moves on an HM, is annoying and avoidable. HMs would fare better to be used out of combat only. The Eon flute used in ORAS allowed us to use Fly without teaching it, and this is an idea which we hope could be employed to all HMs in future.

More Post-Game Story?

How about some more to do after you become champ? While Heart Gold and Soul Silver included a lot of post-game content, X/Y didn't have too much. It would be great to encounter more challengers once you have all eight badges, and have the opportunity to unlock more rewards and things to do than just completing your PokéDex.

What would you like to see for the future in Pokémon? Do you agree with this list, or have any ideas of your own that I haven't mentioned? Be sure to let us know!