Nintendo of America

Today we found out that Nintendo won't be launching its NX console this year and also won't be showing it off at E3 2016. The news has come as quite a blow for many Nintendo fans who had hoped that the new hardware would be out in time for Christmas, while others have pointed out that by moving NX into 2017, Nintendo can ensure it has a perfect launch.

Of course, with an E3 showcase out of the question the real issue here is exactly when Nintendo will tell us more about this mysterious machine. When announcing the release date Nintendo stated that more information would be forthcoming at a later date, and Japanese news outlet Nikkei is stating that the Kyoto firm has a big reveal planned for later this year.

According to Nikkei, Nintendo will not only reveal the specifications and features of the console, but it will also announce the launch lineup and price of NX this year. That's quite a lot of information to deliver, and you could argue that by doing this outside of the noise of E3, Nintendo can make sure its message comes through loud and clear.

Exactly when this reveal will take place remains unknown, but it's fair to assume that the company will stick to its usual tactics and make the announcement via a Nintendo Direct broadcast after the dust has settled from E3.

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