When Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launched on Kickstarter a while back, the concept art shown off made many assume that it would take inspiration from the likes of Muramasa and Dragon's Crown by using 2D sprites, but subsequent development updates stated that it was in fact being built in Unity, with 3D models replacing hand-drawn characters.

Understandably, many feared that this might result in a game that didn't look as eye-catching as the 2D Castlevania's of yesteryear, but a more recent video shows just how closely Bloodstained's 3D models will imitate that all-important 2D art style.

When the model is totally still, you'd be forgiven for assuming it was a hand-drawn image. A screenshot of protagonist Miriam running through a church (shown above) was also revealed.

Here's Koji Igarashi to explain:

Like the shader poll results, we've decided on Character Shader 3 / Background Shader 3. Since the new character shader was so well received, we've also made a video of Miriam's 3D model, reflecting some of the most recent changes we've made.

We thought cosplayers would especially like to see the back view of her design. The camera is the only thing that moves in the first half of the video; in the second, we've demonstrated the shader effect by moving the light source, as well. Please enjoy.