Hyrule Warriors Legends will aim to prove that lightning can strike twice, with the popular Koei Tecmo spin-off making the transition from Wii U to 3DS will all DLC included, with some exclusive content also thrown in. With its Western release a little over a month away, at the time of writing, we can expect Nintendo to give it a relatively heavy marketing push.

The latest showcase trailer to be localised focuses on a familiar character wielding a Trident weapon. It's slightly strange to run around as Ganondorf slaying foes both good and evil, but that's the crazy world that this game inhabits. The footage below shows off some of that chaos.

As a little reminder of the visual changes made for the portable iteration, an old Wii U trailer featuring Ganondorf is below.

Are you excited about Hyrule Warriors Legends, or all button-tapped out from the Wii U original?