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Whenever a new piece of gaming tech is released one of the first things that many enthusiastic bedroom coders try to do it hack it, and the 3DS family is no exception. Despite Nintendo's attempts to secure the system, exploits are periodically found which allow users to run unsigned code on their machines and perform all kinds of weird and wonderful tasks - emulation being one.

While the 3DS has recently been graced with its own exclusive Final Fantasy outing, Musashi Dragon has decided to run the PlayStation title Final Fantasy IX via the RetroArch open-source emulator on a hacked New 3DS. For the uninitiated, RetroArch is one of the more popular multi-purpose emulators, featuring support for a wide range of different systems under a unified front-end.

As you can see from the video below, performance isn't perfect - the game runs slower than normal, as does the music - but it's an impressive technical feat nonetheless.

Is it worth the effort of hacking your machine and potentially missing out on online functions and updates just to play an old PlayStation title in suboptimal conditions? Probably not, but it's interesting all the same.