Wonderful 101.jpg

The Wonderful 101, the colourful and crazy Wii U exclusive from PlatinumGames, was a divisive release. Some sang its praises from the rooftops while others struggled to enjoy it, while it's never been reported as much of a sales success.

That seems like a pity, and we're certainly fans having awarded it 9/10 in our review; we regret nothing. Once mechanics are mastered what you have is an action / strategy hybrid that's ludicrous in scale, with set-pieces and boss battles that simply don't know when to quit. It's not a game easily forgotten.

Now we want to play it again, too, as the PlatinumGames YouTube channel has randomly uploaded the 'Director's Edition' of the bombastic final trailer that came before the game's launch. It supports 720p / 60fps, so it looks great.

Even though it's in Japanese we're still going to give this a spoiler warning, as some late-game battles and levels are shown. If you already have the game it may make you want to have another playthrough; if you don't have this in your Wii U collection, you should certainly consider it.