Such is the power of Nintendo's brand and the ongoing popularity of its classic games that references can be found in unlikely places. Minecraft has long had Nintendo-themed constructions, while a humorous example is Resogun - if you search custom-created ships in the PS4 title you'll see various Mario pixels, Samus' ship, Arwings and more besides. Even shooters can have Nintendo references.

An example is a recreation of Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64, which Halo 5: Guardians player Bearskopff has recreated in the game's 'Forge' mode. This allows players to create maps, and by making clever use of the resources - and working around object limitations - he's produced a fairly impressive version of the iconic scene.


Some have requested that the user next produce a map of the inside of the castle - size limitations meant that wasn't possible in just one map - and that would be fun to see.

It doesn't matter what console you play on, you'll probably see a bit of Nintendo.

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