There are a number of admirable gaming marathons and streams held every year to raise money for charity, and the winter Awesome Games Done Quick event is among the very best in the field. With round-the-clock speedruns and events across a whole week it showcases brilliant games both old and new, highlights the talent of those completing the runs, and raises a lot of money in the process.

Following this year's finish Awesome Games Done Quick closed at $1,213,130.33 raised from a total of 30575 donations. Amazingly one donation was for $18,255.00, yet the average of just under $40 per person is also to be commended.

As expected, the final hours and, particularly, the last Super Metroid run did a great deal to take the funds past the million mark. The now iconic bidding to determine whether to "Save or Kill the Animals" raised $311,603.16 all on its own; unlike last year Kill the Animals won, raising $162,728.16.

It's a hugely impressive total raised, once again - congratulations to all involved with Awesome Games Done Quick.