Totes the Goat

Renegade Kid is a studio that has been supporting Nintendo consoles since the days of the DS. It arguably rose to prominence in current generation, though, as a higher volume of releases and the visibility offered by the eShop has catapulted it to higher levels of success. Generally speaking, Renegade Kid games are of pretty high quality; even though releases are fairly spaced out, they're almost always worth the wait.

All the same, it appears that the eShop hasn't been as kind to the developers as they would like. Jools Watsham recently released a game for the iOS platform called Totes the Goat as a side project and he took to Gamasutra to write about the process of designing and releasing it. He explained in the beginning of the piece that Renegade Kid games – such as Moon Chronicles and Xeodrifter – simply don't sell well on the eShop. Here's the quote:

What has changed? Well, my love for Nintendo hasn't changed. But, the market isn't quite as healthy as it once was for us. I think it began with the launch of Moon Chronicles for the 3DS in May 2014, and was cemented with the release of Xeodrifter for the 3DS in December 2014. Naturally, everyone has their own opinion regarding creative works, so I accept that not everyone will agree with mine. From my perspective, Moon Chronicles and Xeodrifter are both great quality games that were released into a healthy market – a combination for success, right?

Neither game has sold very well, unfortunately. This is not based on my perception of what I think is a good number of units to sell. It is based on the revenue needed to fund a team of four with reasonable salaries and no office space overhead – basic return on investment (ROI). Sure, there are 100 reasons why these games may have not sold more, but the inescapable reality is that the tremendous effort required to create those games versus the reward did not add up in the end. It wasn't for lack of trying on our part. It wasn't for lack of support from Nintendo, either. It just didn't work out.

Bear in mind that this doesn't signal the end of Renegade Kid's support for Nintendo, far from it. However, the studio may not always be putting Nintendo first as it has in the past.

What do you think? Does Renegade Kid deserve better sales? What would you like to see next out of the studio? Share your thoughts in the comments below.