South Park GameCube.png

South Park has had its share of dodgy games, including that rubbish one with snowballs as weapons on Nintendo 64 - c'mon, you know it sucked, admit it - though some reckon The Stick of Truth is a decent effort; not that Nintendo gamers had a chance to play that one. It seems, though, that a particularly ambitious project bit the dust in a past generation.

Nintendo Life chum and occasional contributor Liam Robertson has teamed up with Did You Know Gaming? to share details on an open world game that was planned for PS2, Xbox and GameCube. Ubisoft was to be the publisher, of course, but had actually tasked the little-known Buzz Monkey Software to work on the project. The young studio spent ten months working on an ambitious title that would create the show's world in intricate detail, and included GTA-esque features such as jumping into cars to explore the world. Circumstances worked against it and it was canned, though the studio went on to produce high-profile ports before being acquired by Zynga in 2012.

You can learn all about it below.