Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is one of those games that sadly failed to make a meaningful impact on Western audiences. This is made all the more interesting when you consider that the RPG/Puzzler hybrid shares many similarities with Pokémon Shuffle - which has fared far better internationally - but nonetheless doesn't have the kind of brand power attached to that title. You can't fault GungHo Online Entertainment for trying, though, and to its credit, there's now a fairly sizable update that'll be adding more content to the game.

The update will be mostly centered around new transformations, though there are a few new enemy types that will be added in, as well. Here are the details about the new additions:

Double Mario

  • Main element: Fire
  • Secondary element: Fire
  • Skill: Double Attack (change Light and Heart drops to Fire drops)

Boomrang Mario

  • Main element: Water
  • Seconday element: Fire
  • Skill: Boomrang attack (Heals 3000HP for an ally, and changes Light drops to Heart drops)

Rock Mario

  • Main element: Wood
  • Secondary element: Light
  • Skill: Ground Rock Attack (slightly reduces damage received during 5 turns)

Gold Mario

  • Main element: Light
  • Secondary element: Light
  • Skill: Gold Shine (changes Tree drops into Light drops)

Metal Mario

  • Main element: Dark
  • Secondary element: Dark
  • Skill: Metal Walk (change Water drops into Dark drops)

Kamek (5 types)

Golden Goomba

What do you think? Will this tempt you into jumping back in? What did you think of this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via perfectly-nintendo.com]