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We know that more DLC is coming to Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS, but that doesn't stop data miners digging around for more information. They've done so successfully in the past, notably leaking some of the big E3 DLC reveals months before they were announced.

The data miner that was apparently behind discovering Ryu and Roy earlier this year has been at it again, though it seems that Nintendo has been a little smarter in its file naming conventions. They've discovered data slots for three as-yet-unnamed characters, with no hints this time as to who this will be. This tallies up (albeit with some extra spaces) with slots found earlier in the year.

The digging also found six slots for stages (normal and Omega) though it's suspected that two may actually refer to the Wii U-only Pirate Ship due to its positioning in the data.

None of this is a huge surprise, especially as we're still awaiting the Fighter Ballot character winners, but it's a pleasant reminder that there's more to come.

As the weekend is upon us by all means speculate wildly below - which characters do you want the most?

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