Back in 2013 we reviewed an in-car adapter for Wii U, a logical albeit weird step considering the console's ability to stream to the GamePad screen. Others showed it off as 'portable', too, taking it on trains and anywhere with a power supply.

With that theme in mind we rather like this video by Nick Robinson, who took his Wii U on a flight and, as it was a Virgin America flight and they have power points under the seats, proceeded to play a bit of Super Mario Maker. For the purposes of making the video cool he also got a slightly confused flight crew attendant to help with the stage, primarily by scribbling on the screen.

You can see this in action below.

It's a neat gimmick, and the stage has indeed been uploaded into the game - its code is 2C4A-0000-00BB-52A8.

Now we need someone to play a Wii U on a space flight to be truly impressed.