It's interesting that we often talk of Nintendo being cautious in licensing its IP - a trait it's currently moving away from - when considering some of the quirks in its history. For example, between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels on NES there was Super Mario Bros. Special (in 1986). It was developed by Hudson Soft - we miss that silly bee - and released on platforms that are largely unknown in the West, namely the NEC PC-8801 and Sharp X1. Hat tip to Mariowiki for that information.

Why are we going on about this oddity? Well, because it's intriguing and potentially a bit of history that some don't know about, and also because the inevitable has happened - someone's recreated the entire game in Super Mario Maker.

It was actually completed by a user called Forteblast on GameFAQs and shared about a month ago at the time of writing; it's come to our attention now courtesy of Tiny Cartridge. With help from online buddies the user was able to earn enough medals to post the whole game as separate level uploads. You can access level 1-1 with code 359D-0000-0080-762B, and then selecting the user's profile and viewing their courses provides the full list of stages.

We've had a go at the first level and, to the user's credit, it's a pretty good match for the real thing. You can see some of the forced changes they had to deal with below, and as you can see in the video from the original game the Super Mario Maker version provides scrolling that just wasn't possible in the rather iffy original.

I've needed to make some minor changes in the levels - one-way blocks to represent the inability to backtrack for mazes, switched out stalactites for spinies, no pulley platforms, no special Hudson powerups or enemies, had to shorten a couple of levels left-to-right because of the level size limit, etc. But I've done the best I could. I figured out how to make elevators that look pretty good, so there's that.

It's great to see tools like Super Mario Maker used to celebrate lesser known parts of Mario history. If you have a spare hour or so it may be fun to play through Super Mario Bros. Special: 2015 edition.