Jumping to profits

Nintendo's smartphone plans became a little more real this week with the announcement of the company's first smartphone title, Miitomo. The news was tempered slightly by the revelation that the game - if one can call it that - will be delayed until March next year so that Nintendo has time to properly promote and market it; a fair point when you consider the rather lukewarm reaction Miitomo has received so far.

Despite the shaky start, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima clearly has big plans for mobile. Speaking to Nikkei, he explained that the company's mobile titles will be translated into 8 languages and will be made available in more than 100 countries, and that in three years he hopes profits will exceed those of the Wii and DS glory days.

That's quite a claim, but not one that is totally without substance. When you've got a successful mobile game then the amount of revenue generated is incredible - just ask Puzzle & Dragons studio Gungho Online or Monster Strike maker Mixi - and Nintendo is aiming to have multiple games on the market by March 2017 rather than relying solely on a single smash hit.

Do you think Kimishima's prediction is a little on the optimistic side, or is he bang on the money? Let us know by sharing a comment.