It's now been confirmed that amiibo Festival will arrive in North America on 13th November.

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Nintendo's showing at E3 this year didn't exactly receive universal acclaim, and many Wii U fans in particular didn't react favourably to the reveal of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, which serves up a board game approach to the series as opposed to delivering a full 'main' HD entry in the franchise.

The response was certainly negative overall, yet it remains a key Holiday release for the big N, not least because it'll be the vehicle for its own range of amiibo figures - a range that continues to expand. Nintendo has now released an extended showcase video for the title which gives an idea of some minigames and features in the title, including amiibo card usage and the range of characters that'll appear; you can check it out below.

In addition Nintendo of Europe has confirmed a 20th November release in its region, along with details of bundles and an amiibo triple pack.

It'll be interesting to see how this one performs in stores; perhaps the unhappiness of vocal fans won't be reflected in strong sales numbers, or maybe it'll struggle to convince gamers it's worth a purchase. Time will tell.