We've been sharing a number of the SteamWorld Heist ambassador contests with you here on Nintendo Life, which have formed a neat promotion in which a number of gamers have won copies of the upcoming game across all platforms, from 3DS to Wii U, PC and beyond.

The latest contest is now live, and once again focuses on creativity rather than seeking ideas or content for the game, which is still due - rather soon presumably - this Fall on 3DS. The latest contest seeks real-life photos of anything SteamWorld related, with the example below featuring studio CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson.


We recently spent quite a bit of time with the 3DS version and, admittedly, formed a slightly unhealthy obsession with shooting hats off the heads of robot foes. We enjoyed the more important aspects of gameplay, too, even if the change in direction for the series with this 2D real-time strategy approach will require quite an adjustment for fans that loved SteamWorld Dig's style.

If you want to enter this contest to win copies of the game, head on over to the official blog page - just be sure not to dig yourself into a hole that you can't get out of.

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