GAME gift card.png

When Super Mario Maker arrived on 11th September, some UK gamers that pre-ordered the title with GAME experienced serious issues. The major problem was that some were charged up to seven times for the order and saw hundreds of pounds deducted from their bank accounts; this took quite a few days to resolve fully.

It was undoubtedly a mess and shook a lot of consumer confidence, damaging the store's reputation among those affected and others sympathetic to the issues caused. The retailer has now issued a formal apology to those affected, with this writer and many others receiving letters with a £10 gift card. The letter reads as follows.

As you have been affected by some billing issues on Mario, we wanted to get in tough to say sorry and that we made a mistake. We know this was wrong and have been working to ensure things go smoothly in future.

We wanted to send you this goodwill voucher of £10 which you can redeem either in store or online. We know you love gaming or were buying Mario as a gift. We're sorry if we caused you any inconvenience and please accept our sincere apologies.

The letter is signed off by Catherine Wilson, Head of Customer Service and Dave Perry, Director of IT.

It's certainly welcome that the retailer has worked to rectify the issue with a goodwill gesture; it's easy to be critical - and rightly so - when major issues like this happen, but it's also fair to acknowledge when an effort is made to apologise and offer recompense.

Were you affected by this issue, and what are your thoughts on this gesture from GAME? Let us know.