Satoru Iwata amiibo.JPG

Custom amiibo figures are rather common, with fans converting existing figures into other favoured characters and variations. With the passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata earlier in the year there was a petition for a Satoru Iwata amiibo, and some produced their own in honour of the gaming visionary.

In a nice progression of that trend a fan called GandaKris has launched an eBay page for the custom amiibo you can see above. Importantly the sale is for charity, with all money to go to the excellent Child's Play charity, which aims to support and help young children who are struggling with illness.

This amiibo has been created with the recent Mii Fighter figure, and we're sure you'll agree it has lots of nice touches. The eBay bidding has passed $1500 at the time of writing; a bid of $5000 that we saw earlier has disappeared, so it's possible that false bids are being removed or that the bidder withdrew.

In any case we'd say it's a worthy cause and a nice amiibo customisation. What do you think of this Satoru Iwata amiibo?

Thanks to the readers that sent this in.

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