This year is WayForward's 25th Anniversary, a notable landmark for a studio that's among the elite of active eShop developers, particularly. Of course, it did plenty of retail games in past generations, while its Shantae and Mighty Switch Force franchises have been key to its success in more recent years.

The studio is currently busy at work on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, of course, but some recent tweets seem to be teasing a fresh entry in the MSF series. You can judge for yourself from the tweet below.

It certainly seems like teasing a new release to us, though we're hoping it'll be a dedicated portable or home console release; there's always the dreaded prospect of smart device spin-offs. If it does transpire to be a third full MSF title, though, that'd likely generate plenty of hype.

Are you hoping to see the Mighty Switch Force franchise continue?