At the start of last week Nintendo of America announced that VS. Excitebike was on the way to the Virtual Console. It was clarified that this would be the Famicom Disk version that was previously only released in Japan - in addition to extra tracks and music it has a track editor feature.

The release date wasn't announced, as NoA tied it in to a 'Builders Week' promotion in which it encouraged players to play games with their own level creation tools. Whether the 'progress' of that was real or a marketing gimmick, it has now been confirmed that VS. Excitebike will be a Monday arrival in North America, landing on 31st August.

It's an interesting release for 8-bit enthusiasts, in any case, as it's a chance to check out what was previously a Japan-exclusive version of the game. Unfortunately there's no equivalent EU release date as yet.

Are you planning to pick this up?