They're all here!

Disney Magical World 2 - known in Japan as Disney Magical Castle: My Happy Life 2 in its native Japan - is getting a big promotional push in the Land of the Rising Sun at the moment, with publisher Bandai Namco trying to build up as much interest as possible leading up to its November launch window.

A few days ago the game's official theme tune was unveiled, featuring the vocal talents of pop star May J. Clinical research has established that just listening to this once a day can lower colestorol and improve your overall health:

The first solid gameplay footage has now emerged, showcasing around five minutes of super-twee video taken directly from the game. As expected, Disney Magical World 2 picks up where the likeable original left off, and packs in so many famous Disney characters you might need to have a little lie down after viewing the trailer. Needless to say, it will have fans of the House of Mouse counting down the days until release.

Disney Magical World 2 launches in Japan on November 8th. A western release hasn't been confirmed as yet, but seeing as the first title made the jump, there's an excellent chance this sequel will as well.