The Games Done Quick events - of which there are two every year - are the pinnacle of the goodwill and fundraising possible within gaming. Many notable and wonderful organisations raise money for charity, and this is among the most successful.

Summer Games Done Quick has finished for another year and has raised an incredible amount of money for Doctors Without Borders - its final total was $1,231,954.89, raised from 28453 donations. Extraordinarily the highest individual donation was a huge $21,498.00, while the average donation was a highly impressive $43.30.

Amazingly, the legendary Super Metroid race raised $359,941.62 on its own, as always with lots of votes for 'saving' or 'killing' the animals; check that out below.

We recommend checking out the Summer Games Done Quick YouTube Channel, and be sure to visit the official website, too.

Congratulations to all involved, the past week and the money raised was an outstanding achievement.