As often now happens with a major update to a Nintendo title, pre-prepared future DLC gets data-mined and shared with the world. It's happened, notoriously, with Super Smash Bros.;as a result die-hard fans knew most of the title's pre-E3 reveals before they actually happened. This means, of course, that if you don't want to see some new Splatoon weapons and a new stage (spoilers) you should stop reading here.

This time around data miner NWPlayer123 has been digging around in the game's code for version 2.0.0 and finding a lot of details (thanks, GameXplain). One of the most intriguing is 'playable Octolings', though this seems to be more of an outfit or skin than a significant transformation. In any case, an image and video of this in action is below.


Onto the nitty gritty of the content that looks to be on the way, there's the 'Hammerhead Bridge', which tallies up with the following that was found by another data miner a little sooner:

As for weapons, the following have been shared on Imgur by Ambient Dinosaur, based on NWPlayer123's information.


It's no surprise that plenty of extras are still coming, so if these are correct - as they likely will be, based on past instances - what do you think? Do any of those weapons stand out as a future favourite? Do you want to run around looking like an Octoling?