The invasion is over

A short time go we reported on the Ironhax exploit which would allow 3DS users to run homebrew and unsigned code on their consoles. The work of Jordan "Smealum" Rabet, Ironhax was unique in that unlike other methods, it didn't require the user to purchase a physical game in order to make it run - Ironfall Invasion is a free-to-play release and therefore costs nothing to acquire.

Here's the exploit in action:

Ironhax is still unreleased, but Rabet has been encouraging people to download Ironfall in preparation for its launch. Predictably, Nintendo has beaten him to the chase and removed the game from the 3DS eShop:

Rabet has since responded to the news, apologising to the developer of Ironfall:

It is not known if Ironhax will still be released, or when Ironfall will be reinstated to the eShop. If we hear anything, we will update this post.