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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight is now out on the 3DS in North America, and Atlus is keen to give early adopters plenty of extras in the game. Full details of the launch DLC have emerged, with only one set costing any money at launch.

The full press release outline is below, with some of the free extras only having no cost until 10th August; more DLC is coming over the course of "several weeks".

Permanently Free

  • Yggdrasil Veteran: While there will be new portraits for each class in EO2U, the classic portraits from the original Etrian Odyssey will return as Free DLC for veterans that want to give their party a retro look.

Free Until Aug. 10

  • Highlander's Return: The Protagonist's class from EOU makes a triumphant return in EO2U! This class focuses on sacrificing portions of their health to obliterate enemies and buff party members. Highlander Grimoire stones and the class is available in Story mode as well! (99 cents/CA$1.49 after Aug. 10.)
  • Hidden Hot Springs!: There's rumors of a secret hot spring inside the snow-covered 3rd Stratum! Can you find the hot springs and dig them up? As an added bonus, completing the quest in Story Mode will unlock special portraits for Arianna and Chloe! ($2.49/CA$3.49 after Aug. 10.)

Paid DLC

  • Wanted: Golden Sprout: An easy quest to find the Golden Sprout, which gives players a lot of En when they turn the quest in. Plus, Regina at the cafe can turn this into a dish that raises the party's chances of getting premium Grimoire stones. ($1.99/CA$2.49.)

We gave this a glowing recommendation in our Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight review, noting a number of improvements over the first Untold release.

Are any of you in North America planning to pick this up on 3DS?