In the next month or so we'll have the battle of toys-to-life. Along with Skylanders SuperChargers and LEGO Dimensions we'll have Disney Infinity 3.0; it's going to be a hugely competitive - and expensive - battleground, and a particularly important one for Disney in light of momentum being lost with Infinity 2.0.

It's a battle of brands and tie-ins, with LEGO Dimensions in particular boasting the likes of Doctor Who and Back to the Future, but this is perhaps where Disney has the upper hand. This year is bringing us a new Star Wars film, and the franchise will feature heavily in Infinity 3.0.

The latest trailer aims to tap right into any viewer's nostalgia; rather than plugging the spin-off animated series it focuses on the original and prequel trilogies. Iconic moments are portrayed in cute visuals, along with the inevitable cross-over joke at the end.

Check it out and let us know whether this Star Wars content is important in tempting you to pick up Disney Infinity 3.0.