Nintendo kicked off PAX with a bang this year, with its [email protected] event in Seattle causing plenty of buzz. On the one hand it confirmed leaks and rumours such as the Shovel Knight amiibo and Kerbal Space Program on Wii U. Some new game details were announced on stage, too, including four player co-op and amiibo support for Hive Jump.

As the event wrapped up in Seattle Nintendo also released a whole load of trailers on its YouTube channel. Naturally there was a sizzle reel, which highlights a number of the goodies on the way.

There are also plenty of new trailers - some are most certainly repeats, but there are some that are brand new - FAST Racing NEO is looking particularly exciting.

These trailers provide a welcome reminder that there's a lot of exciting content on the way to the eShop on Wii U and 3DS. Which of these games are you most looking forward to playing?