Monster Hunter X (Cross) is being given a big push by Capcom ahead of its late November release in Japan, a fresh entry that brings a slight switch in dynamic to the core play. Considering the huge success of previous 3DS releases in the franchise the projections for millions of sales don't seem excessive.

A pricey limited edition has been revealed to target particularly dedicated fans. With a cost of 9504 Yen (just over $76) this includes the game, two 3DS HOME Themes and an 'organiser bag' with enough pockets and pouches to keep any 3DS gamer on the hunt while out and about.


Beyond that a whole load of trailers were also released on the Capcom YouTube channel over the weekend, giving a closer look at some weapons in the new entry; gaijin hunter has provided a useful translation of two of them, too.

We may be looking at late 2016 if - and it's still an if - this get localised for the West. We'll find out in good time, but we're hopeful it'll make it out of Japan.