Seems legit.

Nintendo is working on its next console - dubbed the "NX" - but the company remained tight-lipped at this year's E3. 2015 will go down as a period of transition for the Japanese veteran as it looks to slowly retire its current pair of consoles and move towards something new and exciting, but the lack of solid news means that we're going to see some hilarious fake "reveals" appear - and the video shown below certainly falls well into that distinguished category.

According to the poster, this video is intended to pitch the idea of "Nintendo Cross" to partners and third-party publishers. It shows the concept of the console - which involves streaming Wii U and 3DS games to tablets, phones and the Wii U GamePad - and goes as far as to outline the games it will launch with in 2017 - including a new Super Mario, Metroid and Zelda.

All sounds very convincing, right? Well, the fake "echo" sound effect applied to the audio is your first sign that something is amiss, and the very un-Nintendo music also sets alarm bells ringing. Then there's the fact that this new console uses the Wii U GamePad (very unlikely) and Pro Controller (um, nah). We're guessing that the person who made this video couldn't be bothered to properly mock-up new controller concepts, so they just used existing ones. Smart!

In fact, there's little point in listing the reasons as to why this video is clearly bogus, as we'd be here all day. Why don't you point out your favourite face-palming moments in the comments section below?