Oo-er, missus

Super Mario Maker launches in September, and will give players the chance to create their very own Super Mario levels which they can then share with friends online.

As is the case with any user-generated content, there's always the risk that some wannabe joker will create an offensive or obscene stage using the tools provided. Blocks could be laid out to spell a naughty word for example, or used to create a rude or suggestive object. Tut tut!

Nintendo has now revealed that there will be no filter in the game to catch this kind of thing - totally understandable, as it would be almost impossible to put into practice, given the nature of the title - but players will have the chance to report any stages which they deem to be offensive:

All players will be able to report any content they think is inappropriate by clicking a button in the game. The level will then be reviewed by Nintendo.

So there you have it. Don't go making any levels with rude things in, OK?

[source nintendoenthusiast.com]