The Wii U eShop certainly has some promising games on the way this year, and one of these is Shin'en Multimedia's FAST Racing NEO, the pacy futuristic racer that impressed in its Nintendo Treehouse E3 showing. It's a title that's taken a while, yet seems all the better for it.

Some key details are already known; it's an exclusive on Nintendo's system, will run at 60fps at 720p, and will feature local and online multiplayer. A few more snippets of information have now come out courtesy of the studio's CEO Manfred Linzner chatting to, with some reassuring words for racing fans interested in the game.

First off, the studio seemingly has no intention of locking any content behind DLC, with Linzner stating the plan is to "release all content we created at launch of the game". While re-iterating the fact the title is still a Wii U eShop exclusive at the moment, meanwhile, we're given hope that a future entry - or perhaps an EX version based on Shin'en's previous work - could be a candidate for a next-gen portable system. That's certainly of interest for Nintendo fans, as the company is still the dominant force in dedicated gaming handhelds.

We currently have no plans to bring FRN to another system. However, I think a futuristic racer on a new handheld would be great.

Music enthusiasts should rejoice, too, as the soundtrack from FAST Racing NEO is planned for release after the game.

For the music in FRN we tried a fresh style. We wanted something that could sound like from an 2015 Arcade Game. We really love how the music developed for the game. We plan to release the soundtrack at a later date.

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