Kong tastic!

David Wise is a living legend for many Nintendo fans, having contributed some amazing music to a dazzling array of classic Nintendo releases - the most famous of which is arguably the Donkey Kong Country franchise. Wise has since gone freelance but composed the fantastic soundtrack to Retro's Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a short time ago.

We're now hearing rumours that Wise - who hasn't been heard from much since Tropical Freeze - is currently working on an unannounced Nintendo project. The source of this info is Donkey Kong podcast The Kongversation, hosted by DK Vine - which, we should warn you, contains some bad language.

During the segment, the hosts Chad and Hyle also point out that we know Retro Studios is not currently working on a new Metroid game - so could Wise be teaming up with them again for something Donkey Kong-related?

There have been rumours that Diddy Kong Racing 2 is in development for the NX - but the same source also thinks that Nintendo's next machine will launch at $150, so a pinch of salt may be required.

We'll let you make up your own mind in this case, but our fingers are firmly crossed that Wise is indeed working on something cool for the Big N once more. If you're a fan of the man himself, be sure to check out our interview with him prior to the release of Tropical Freeze.