You'd be forgiven for having not heard about indie game Drei yet, but we hate to break it to you - it's kind of a big deal. YouTube megastar PewDiePie declared it the "coolest puzzle game ever", so there you go!

A new version of of the award-winning puzzler by the marginally longer name of Dreii will be released in Autumn this year to Wii U and a whole slew of other consoles and devices. The really neat thing about this is that you'll be able to connect with players on rival platforms, as game director Christian Etter explains.

Dreii is all about connecting people. Once opening the game you will be secretly connected with all other players, in real time and across the globe. In the concept version this was only possible on specific devices. Being truly about uniting everybody we sat down with the people from all popular game platforms and talked to them about letting their players connect with the players from the rival platforms

It took a lot of persuasion, but now we're extremely happy to release Dreii on all seven major game platforms and let everybody play with each other – across different cultural and technical setups.

So this Autumn anyone who downloads Dreii will be able to play together regardless of what device they're using. For instance, a Wii U owner can sit next to Android user and battle logic and gravity united. A novel concept for an industry defined by harsh competition.

Bringing players together from all continents means that there is also a need to communicate across different languages. Mario von Rickenbach, the lead game maker of Dreii explains they will overcome this:

We settled on a hand-full of words that we thought would help to communicate with each other while completing the levels together. These words were translated into 19 different languages. From Hindi to Spanish. We even included an old Swiss language lying at the brink of extinction with only 40,000 speakers left worldwide. This simple but effective system allows everybody to communicate fastly and intuitively, without having to know each others languages.

The game will also feature faster physics than it's predecessor, brand new levels, as well as a new character specifically designed for Dreii.

Does Dreii sound like the game for you? If you are on the fence still, perhaps PewDiePie can convince you to add it to your watch list - be warned though, YouTube's most popular star swears in his videos.