Occasionally we see tributes to gaming from the famous or near-famous, with musicians being no exception. Plenty of current-day entertainers have been heavily influenced by games and, occasionally, they like to make a point of showing that off.

That seems to be the case with New Politics, a band that's released a game-themed video for its latest song - West End Kids. It goes from arcades, to NES, to Mega Drive, N64 and further - we see blends and mash-ups of some iconic games, too. It's not a video particularly concerned with accuracy, but is nicely done and has guest stars like Fall Out Boy and Travie McCoy.

Check it out below, though try not to take its inconsistencies too seriously:

As a neat extra for those that like free things, if you go to westendkidsgame.com and input the Konami Code on your keyboard you get a free '8-bit' version of the song.

We think this is pretty cool, but let us know what you think of it in the comments.