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We love Nendoroids here at Nintendo Life, especially when they're Nintendo themed. Earlier this year we reported on the latest Pokémon Nendoroid (Champion Cynthia) going up for preorder. Now, another Challenger has approached - Pokémon Black & White's Trainer "N", who can be yours (for a small fortune).

Trainer N comes with:

  • 1 Pokéball (of course)
  • 2 Facial Expressions
  • 5 Arm Parts
  • 4 Wrist Parts
  • 3 Leg Parts
  • 1 Majestic looking Reshiram

As with Trainer Red and Champion Cynthia, N will be a Pokémon Centre exclusive, making him harder to find and pricier than your average Nendoroid, but hey, you can't put a price on cuteness.

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If you can't make your way over to the Japanese Pokémon Centre, fear not. Trainer N is available to pre-order from a number of sites, such as Pokévault.com, OtakuRepublic.com and a host of others that can be found here, and is scheduled for a late November release.

Will Trainer N be joining your other Nintendo Nendoroids, or is the price a little too high? Let us know in the comments below.

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