Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley was a divisive 3DS entry in the franchise, with some opinion that Natsume's attempts at modernising and evolving the series weren't a success; for our part we considered it to be below par.

In any case, it'll have its fans, and around eight months after its release Natsume has issued an update to incorporate feedback. Most of the changes are around balancing, while Fido's "naughty habits" have been reduced. Your humble writer hasn't played the game so isn't sure what this means on a practical level; perhaps Fido will do less 'business' where he shouldn't?

Thanks to all the fans who provided feedback for The Lost Valley to make it even better: a new patch has arrived for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley! Your North American copy of the game should automatically prompt you to download Version 1.1, which includes:Improved Harvest Sprites~ Earn friendship faster, and watch them do way more work!Improved Watering Can: 50 wasn't enough, so now it holds 200!Change in dog's behavior: Some of Fido's naughty habits have been minimized!Minor tweaks to code that should improve gameplay!

There's no mention of European copies updating, but as it only arrived in the region a month ago it may have shipped with these tweaks.

[source ceecee-natsume.tumblr.com]