YouTuber Master0fHyrule has created a video of a glitch found by Miiverse user Glob in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and for once it's not one that can turn the tide in mid-battle.

The glitch results in the winning character/team poised in a 'T-Pose' position during the results screen after a match. For those unaware, a T-Pose position is the standard pose in which all 3D character models are built, allowing them to be efficiently rigged and animated.

The YouTuber states that the glitch is very difficult to perform due to the precision required and randomness involved. It can be achieved by pressing the Home button on the GamePad right after a game is won or lost (the transition into the results screen should not be skipped else the glitch will not work). It should also be noted that the game can freeze by attempting this, so try it out at your own discretion.

Seeing the characters' T-Pose is a great insight as it allows us to see character models in their primitive form - although Link's is quite an odd one! However, due to the difficulty of executing the desired outcome, not all characters have been covered. Who would you like to see in this form, if any? If you've achieved the glitch with a character not covered, why not share it below!

[source youtube.com, via miiverse.nintendo.net]