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Playtonic Games has now announced two new stretch goals on its campaign page. £1.1 million will bring an N64 'shader mode' plus a DK rap + video in the credits, while £1.2 million will add a developer walkthrough and commentary video. At current momentum these will likely be passed in the next day or so - there's no stopping this hype train at the moment.

Original Article:

Playtonic Games launched its Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter yesterday at 5PM UK time, which turned heads by smashing through its initial funding goal in under an hour.

Of course, that initial goal is just the beginning, and many Kickstarter projects withhold certain elements for the loftier stretch goals - and Yooka-Laylee was no exception. However, missing out on features isn't something that supporters of this venture have to worry about any more, because the campaign has just reached its final stretch goal of £1 million - and in less than 24 hours of being live, too.

That means a Wii U launch is guaranteed for day one, alongside the other console editions and PC version. It also means that the talented team at Playtonic now has some serious work to do - but as we found when we were lucky enough to visit the company's offices recently, dedication isn't something that is in short supply.

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