It's no secret that we find some corners of eBay rather baffling - whether it's scalpers flogging pre-orders or just downright goofy goods, it's a Wild West of commerce. This example is certainly the latter, as it celebrates the upcoming Jurassic World movie in the most bizarre way possible.

As you can see below, you can buy a whole load of copies of Jurassic Park on the SNES, about 300 carts, with a few other random versions and platforms thrown in for good measure. This listing has a price of $1500.

Jurassic Park Fridge1
Jurassic Park Fridge2

The seller does address the inevitable question - why?

There have been a number of questions regarding this posting, and they all tend to revolve around the question "Why?", besides the members who are punny and saying its cool in the fridge and one fellow telling me he loved me, which I responded telling him that I loved him as well. Regardless, the question of "Why?" is a very legitimate question in almost every way, so I will answer it here and post it on the eBay listing. Why do I have sooo many Jurassic Park carts for the Super Nintendo? - Because it's fun. Because I have fun collecting them and posting random pictures of them in my bathtub or in my fridge. When I take a look at collecting and ask myself why I collect old video games, I come to the conclusion that the reason we collect at all is because we have fun doing it. Most people try and collect every title for a particular system, or if you want to go hard, multiple systems. And that's great, if that's what they have fun doing, more power to them. Personally, I got bored collecting with the intention of going for a complete library for a certain system. I wanted to do something different. Why did this happen (How did it get to this point)? - In 2012 I had an opportunity to buy out a portion of a game store. It was there in the basement of this old store that I had the opportunity to purchase a number of Jurassic Park carts i.e. 120ish. I said, "why not, that could be fun". I posted the haul on NintendoAge, and goodness, did things escalate quick. Soon I had 200, then 250, and now right around 300. I traded people for them, did some auctions where members bid using Jurassic Park games as currency, and some kind guys and gals even donated to the cause. Why sell them now? - There is no reason per say as to why sell them now. I have had a lot of fun with them, and this is an opportunity for me to share the fun I've had. It's also an opportunity for me to possibly pass the torch so another can share the fun and maybe add to it. If any soul dares that is!

That's settled, then. Sadly neither the fridge or half-finished bottle of Bacardi come with the games - pity, we would have totally taken the plunge if they'd been included...

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